Win Cash with These Apps

  • December 12, 2023

Do you dream of padding your wallet from the comfort of your couch? In a world where side hustles are as common as avocado toasts at brunch, making some extra cash has never been easier – thanks to our smartphones. I’ve rounded up a list of apps that will have you raking in the green without breaking a sweat.

1. Survey Savvy: Your Opinion Pays

Survey Junkie

Got opinions? Of course, you do! Turn your thoughts into cash with Survey Junkie. This app pays you for participating in market research by completing surveys. It’s simple: share your opinions, collect points, and cash out. Pro tip: The highest-paying surveys fill up quickly, so get on them ASAP!


Swagbucks is the OG of reward apps. Earn “Swagbucks” by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and even playing games. Cash out for gift cards or, you guessed it – cold hard cash via PayPal. Little effort for a sweet pay-off.

2. Shop ’til You Drop Cash Back


Before you hit the checkout, check out Ibotta. Whether you’re an online shopping addict or an errand-running warrior, this app offers cash back on everyday purchases – we’re talking groceries, apparel, travel, and more. Scan your receipts or shop through the app to start earning.


If you’re shopping without using Rakuten, you’re leaving free money on the table. This cash-back app partners with a ton of retailers – when you shop through their links, you get a percentage of cash back. Sign-up bonus alert: they often offer a hefty cash incentive just for joining and making your first purchase.

3. Get Fit and Get Paid


Ready to turn your step game into a cash flow? StepBet will keep you moving by wagering on your fitness goals. Join a game, hit your personal step targets every week, and win cash. The catch? You’ve got to bet on yourself with your own money first – but it’s a great motivator to stay on track.

4. Sell Your Stuff


Is your closet overflowing with clothes you no longer wear? Poshmark is an app where fashion meets finance. Snap some pics, set a price, and sell your gently used or brand-new items. It’s like having a digital garage sale, but chic.


Old tech collecting dust? CDs, DVDs, games, books, and gadgets can be turned into cash with Decluttr. Scan barcodes, get an instant offer, and ship your stuff for free – no auction waiting times. Decluttr pays you the day after your items arrive. Easy peasy!

5. Freelance & Hustle


Have a marketable skill like writing, graphic design, or coding? Upwork connects freelancers with clients looking for those very skills. Set your rates, bid on projects, and build a portfolio. It’s a hustle paradise.


From logo design to voiceovers, Fiverr offers a platform for creative and professional services starting at just $5. Create a gig, offer your services, and get paid. Optimize your profile to stand out and start building that side income.

6. Invest and Watch It Grow


If you want to get into investing without doing a deep dive into the stock market, Acorns is your app. Link it to your card, and it rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar, investing the spare change. With time, these investments can grow into a nice little nest egg.

Remember, while these apps can be a great way to supplement your income, they’re not going to replace a full-time job’s earnings. But with a little effort and a lot of smartphone savvy, you can certainly boost your bank account. Happy earning, folks!

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