Getting Free Gift Cards: The Definitive Guide

  • November 29, 2023

All About Nabbing Those Free Gift Card Deals

Who doesn’t love a good freebie? And when it comes to freebies, gift cards are right up there at the top. Now, there’s a whole heap of businesses ready to dish these cards out to you, but understanding how to play the game is key. To score these freebies, you’re essentially trading your time, opinion, loyalty, or even your social media superstar status. But keep this in mind, if a deal sounds too good to be genuine, well, you got it – it probably is! Always confirm the offer is legit before you dive in or spill those personal deets.

Gift Card Goodies from Survey Sites

Survey sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Vindale Research are basically the Willy Wonkas of gift cards, dishing them out once you’ve accumulated enough survey points. But be smart, check out these sites thoroughly and keep track of your points to rake in maximum rewards.

A Market Research Ride to Free Gift Cards

Remember, your opinion matters and companies are willing to shell out for it. Places like Toluna or Pinecone Research are ready to roll out the gift cards in return for your valued insights. Product trials, ad watching, or task completing on these sites can earn you those precious points to convert into gift cards.

Sign-up Swags = Free Gift Card Bonanza

Sign-up bonuses are a killer way to snatch those free gift cards. Websites and apps dole out these little gems to reel in new users. For example, cashback apps like Rakuten hand out a sign-up bonus in the form of a gift card when you make your first purchase through them.

Loyalty Pays with Free Gift Cards

Retailers and grocery stores love regular customers and reward them with points through loyalty schemes that can be cashed into gift cards. Shout out to the Tesco Clubcard and Amazon Prime Visa card, rewarding their loyal customers with sweet gift card deals.

Credit Card Perks = Gift Card Bonuses

Certain credit cards toss in points or cashback on the spend. Rack up enough of these, and – voila! You’re in gift card city. Frequent credit card users, this could be your golden ticket to free gift cards.

Fab Free Gift Cards Through Shopping Apps

Shop ’til you drop with shopping apps like Shopkick and Receipt Hog – they shower you with gift cards. These apps ask you to upload receipts, scan purchases in-store, or shop via their apps to score points, which then magically transform into delectable gift cards.

Social Media Giveaways = Gift Card Goodies

Social media isn’t just about viral dance routines anymore. Influencers and companies are luring engagement with the tempting bait of gift cards. Follow the right peeps or companies based on your interests, and you could be walking away with free gift cards on the regular.

Cashback Converters for Nifty Free Gift Cards

Rakuten and TopCashback, and the like, offer cashback on purchases that you can convert straight into gift cards. It’s like an Indirect hoop to jump through to nab those freebies.

Avoiding those Nasty Free Gift Card Scams

As with everything, yep, there are scammers lurking in the free gift card world too. Make sure you’re dealing with trustworthy sources. Offers that seem too dazzling probably have a dark side, and don’t spill your personal info unless you’re 100% sure the place is legit. Safety online is always a priority, even when it’s for the sake of those darling gift cards.

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